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About Us

The National Dam Siltation Programme is a programme initiated and funded by the Department of Water and Sanitation and is implemented by the Water Research Commission. The programme aims to develop a strategy that will guide, advise and ensure that there is effective siltation management and improved storage capacity of dams in the country. The programme has a suite of 4 sub projects focusing on different aspects of Dam Siltation management interventions and the outcomes of each will be incorporated in the overall strategy. We will be developing relevant tools, models, frameworks, protocols, guides and plans to assist with the implementation and monitoring of the strategy.

The programme’s objectives are the development of a siltation management strategy and related tools for large dams in phase 1, Piloting of the draft strategy, models and tools for finalisation in phase 2 and review and revision towards a final strategy, with relevant models and tools in the final 3rd phase.

This programme develops over 4 main components namely research, the cementing of a Community of Practise (CoP) relating to siltation management and a series of training and capacity development opportunities.