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Sub Project 1: Siltation Management Strategy Development

The main objective of the project is to develop an implementable strategy (strategy and plan) to prevent and manage the siltation of dams as well as stimulate local economies and cost-recovery  through the selection of a basin operations and engineering intervention and/or a dredging intervention for any site. The strategy will be supported by:

  • Risk management & Monitoring & Evaluation frameworks;
  • Governance and Financial considerations;
  • A digital platform or tool; and
  • Future research requirements

Key  outcomes  of  this  project  will  be  on  overall  dam  siltation  strategy  supported  by  an  implementation  plan developed through pilot case study sites. A key feature of the strategy will be the ability to adapt and improve it as the learning experiences are developed.

Recommendations related to design, technical and engineering enhancement, environmental management  and local  economic  development  will  be  drafted  during  Phase  1,  tested  in  Phase  2  and finalised  in  Phase  3. Recommendations will be layered in terms of strategic priorities that can guide policy, industry and regulatory matters.  Tactical  recommendations  will  draw  on  technical  and  cost/benefit  exercises  and  environmental practices to support catchment level  decision-making. Operational recommendations should support capabilities, capacity and asset  management decisions.