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Sub Project 3: Sustainable Dredging of Dams

The main objective of this project will be to develop a sustainable dam dredging model and protocols for a variety of dams and contexts. Priority sites will be identified through a consultative process to capture areas requiring intervention and that are representative of a larger set of dams. The protocol will be supported by a dredging guide (online tool). Factors that will have to be considered, among others are:

  • Regulatory requirements;
  • Environmental and health risks assessments and monitoring;
  • Raw water quality;
  • Dam basin topography;
  • Cost/benefit analyses;
  • Available technologies and access;
  • Asset management and ownership;
  • Frequency and dam stage;
  • Sediment fitness for use (volume and quality);
  • Local  economic  development  (potential  funding  sources,  sedimentation  use  for  job  creation  and  industry development)

Key outcomes of the project will an adaptive and piloted dredging model(s) developed through various case study sites. The model will be supported by tested assessment tools and protocols.