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Sub Project 4: Training & Capacity Development

The main  objective  of  this  project  will  be  an  empowered  new  cohort  of  skilled  professionals  and  citizens  to enhance and improve the efficiency of dam siltation management. Training and capacity development will be supported by:

  • Dam siltation management skills development (learning content)
  • Review of existing dam siltation management knowledge, training and training providers
  • Alignment  of  the  Water  Infrastructure  Manager  Qualification  to  incorporate  all  aspects  of  dam  siltation management
  • Establishment of community of practice (CoP) to provide strategic guidance and direction. The CoP will assist with the mainstreaming of the Water Infrastructure Manager occupational qualification; expertise and knowledge in the development of the training modules as well as mentoring and collaboration with learners doing course orientated workplace-based assignments.  The community of practice  will  include  community  representatives, local and international dam siltation management experts and practitioners as well as identified and interested learners
  • Training workshops (virtual and in-person learning) that include community of practice supported and course orientated workplace-based assignments
  • Development of a Training of Trainers course to align with and support a planned approach in creating a trainers’pool at National, State, Regional & Organisational level
  • The  development  of  a  Recognition  of  Prior  Learning  strategy  and  toolkit  for  the  Water  Infrastructure Occupational Qualification
  • Pilot the registered occupational qualification
  • On-going monitoring and evaluation of the value created through learning during the project duration